Personal Injury and Family Law

About Us

Representation for the working person



My background is in construction, healthcare, and in working for persons with multiple disabilities.  I understand that few families have extra resources readily available and I do my best to keep the legal costs to a minimum while not compromising your results.

I accept both legal aid and private retainers.  Persons with unique and urgent circumstances may be eligible for reduced rates.

I have personally experienced the stresses and uncertainty of a contested family law proceeding, and I believe that a swift and low-conflict resolution is always in the best interests of all parties involved, especially when there are children of the relationship.

If you have been injured, I work with your team of medical professionals to assist you with a speedy recovery and with getting you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Our Mission



01. Unwavering dedication.

I provide 100% effort every time, for every client.  

02. Continuous communication

I keep my clients up to date on every step taken in their cases so that they are continuously involved in making the decision about which path to move forward on.  You are the only person who can determine what will work best with your personal situation.

03. Dignity and Respect

Any legal matter is of utmost importance to you. We ensure that your concerns are never minimized and that all of your personal circumstances are considered when advising you on your options. 




Jesse Stamm

A father of 4 and a black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu, Jesse primarily focuses on family law and injuries arising from motor vehicle collisions.  His background as a pre-med student allows him additional insight into mechanisms of injury and healing, and maximum recovery is always the first priority for any injured client. In the brief moments between work and family, Jesse enjoys working on and drag racing his 1990 "5L LWYR"  Mustang.